Selling Your Home

JUST SOLD! NOW is the time to list your home! The Inventory is Low and Buyers are storming the market. Take advantage of Low Interest Rates; Higher Buyer Activity & Lower Home Inventory!

Selling your home is an emotional and personal experience when you decide to put your property on the market.

Interactive Voice Response System

Picture a nice couple, both with good jobs and excellent credit, and they've just pumped $100 worth of gas into their SUV's gas tank. It's Saturday afternoon and they're taking time away from their family to drive through neighborhoods. They pull up in front of your house. The wife smiles, looks at her husband and says, "This neighborhood has the best schools in the area. I wonder if we can afford it."  

So she rolls down her window, grabs a flyer out of your brochure box and sees "For Additional Details and Current Price Call Our 24-Hour Automated Info Line." She immediately grabs her cell phone, calls and hears a brief description...

Then something truly astounding happens...

The automated system asks her, "Would you like current pricing for this property? If so, say yes."

Immediately she says, "YES!"

Approximately two seconds later...

...our team's real estate professional answers, because we were already on the line waiting.

Now we provide pricing and additional information in a very customer service oriented way and politely ask if they would like to see inside the home.  We explain that we are only five minutes away and ask if they would like to drop by the office so we can arrange a quick showing.

Moments later they drive into our parking lot, get out of the car and come inside. Within 10-15 minutes a quality connection is developing and then we are off to view the home with a pre-screened and pre-qualified buyer. 

How to Guarantee You"ll Get Your Home Sold And...For The Highest Possible Price! Recorded Info 24 HOURS 1-800-401-0257 ext.0237.

Each seller will have their own personal relationship with their home because your home is your memories, personality, life, and dreams. As you move forward, there will always be the warm feelings of attachment to the home. and its affiliated real estate brokerage respect the complexity of your decision to sell and will represent your property in the manner it deserves. You will benefit from cross-marketing abilities and powerful resources.

Your home is targeted toward a qualified audience of potential home buyers.  Our effective marketing approach includes networking, digital and printed materials. We provide powerful results in marketing your residence on a local, national, and international level.  We will showcase your property on our sophisticated website, which attracts thousands of visitors.

Contact Augusta/South Carolina real estate agent, Chris Samuels . He is qualified and ready to help you sell and/or find your next home.

We have valuable information on  schools, neighborhoods, market, properties, seller's, and valuation reports. Whether you are looking to buy, build, or sell in GA or SC we're available to list or show you any home.

Home Inspections 

11 Things You Need to Know to Pass a Home Inspection

To hear a brief recorded message about how to order your free copy of this report.Call 1-800-401-0257 and enter ID#.9005. You can call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call NOW to learn about how to ensure a home inspection dosen't cost you the sale of your home.